Born in London and growing up partly in England and partly in East Africa, I was initiated into Freemasonry in Lodge Harmony 3084 EC in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 1990. I later joined Lodge Scotia, 1008 SC, also in Nairobi, and it was through the Scottish Lodge that I was first introduced to the Holy Royal Arch, being exalted in Faith and Charity Chapter 329 SC in December 1991.


After moving back to England in 1998, I joined the Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743 EC (I was a teacher at the school) where I went through the Master's Chair for the first time. I was also lucky enough to be a founding member of the Old Bromsgrovian Chapter and I was the first member to serve in the role of all three Principals of that Chapter. I have the honour to be a Past Provincial Grand Steward in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire.


I have been interested in the deeper meanings of Freemasonry from the earliest days of my involvement with the Craft. I have always been keen to consider how the knowledge and wisdom contained in our rituals can be applied in a meaningful way to the life of every Brother or Companion who sits in Lodge and Chapter and who professes to subscribe to our particular and peculiar way of seeing the world.


I gave up full-time teaching to allow myself time to pursue a more creative career path. This unexpectedly involved two years as a part-time metal engraver which allowed me to devote myself more fully to my writing. I am also a passionate speaker who has a great love and reverence for the institution of Freemasonry. I am known for my ability to both move and enlighten. I would be delighted to visit any Chapter or Lodge to speak on my understanding of the significance of Freemasonry and its practical place in all of our lives.


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