Masonic Meditations Books

5 Volumes, 365 Inspirational & Uplifting Moments.

The "Masonic Meditation" series of books has expanded. It now consists of four original volumes and a fifth, which is a compiled and lightly edited version bringing all 365 meditations into a single volume, dated and varied so as to give insight and inspiration to every day of the year.  

The series aims to offer all those who have chosen Freemasonry as one of their paths, daily inspiration and the opportunity to contemplate the deeper significance of our Craft.

It comes in distinct sections:

'Level Steps' is a collection of 100 daily meditations based on the ritual, practices and teachings of Blue Lodge or Craft Freemasonry.

'Hidden Depths' follows the same pattern but is based around the teachings of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

The two volumes of 'Still Waters' are general Masonic Meditations on the Book of Psalms. Each daily meditation is set alongside the Psalm that inspired it.

Finally, '365 Level Steps' is a lightly edited compilation of all four books set out as one volume with a meditation for every day of the year. A true opportunity to make "...a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge." (This volume does not include the full text of the Psalms but a short extract instead.)

How to purchase your copies:

All five volumes are available in print and e-book versions.

To purchase copies you can:


Go direct to my website: 

Search 'Jonti Marks' in your local Amazon store

Go to your usual e-book seller 


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